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Origin of the Peanut Butter Bar

It started as a summer evening conversation with my wife on our porch with a beer. Ali is a blogger at aliadventures.com and travel-made-simple.com where she helps people learn to travel and enjoy the world. She wanted a sticky bar to advertise her new book. We looked at a few options out there and nothing seemed to do exactly what we wanted it to.

Now I am a developer and told her I could write something for her site. We joked about names and then my brain hit on bar and immediately went to peanut butter bar and the tagline of “all the good stuff that sticks to the roof of your site.” It was a good name and tagline, but even at that point just an idea.

Some of our blogger friends ( Gillian and Jason from OneGiantStep.com) were visiting and loved the idea as well. I spent a few hours, again with a beer, and hacked together a proof of concept and it just built from there. So Ali and Gillian have been great cheerleaders for the idea. The form it is now is not so far from the original prototype, but much much easier to use and configure.

What started as a name and a joke has become a really awesome plugin.

Who is the developer?

Andrew CouchI am Andrew Couch. I have been a software developer for 14 years with all of that in and around websites. I know the web very well. I’ve also been a blogger on WordPress since 2009, so I know what it is like to run a blog. I am also a freelance web developer, so I know business clients as well. All of this comes together in a plugin that is well made as well as being usable.

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Email us: info@peanutbutterplugin.com
We try to respond to emails within 24 hours. We are based in Europe, so if your email comes during our business day replies could be much faster.

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Peanut Butter Plugin is a product sold by Andrew Couch Solutions. Receipts will come have this as a header.