Peanut Butter Bar is no longer for sale.

As of 19 November 2016, Peanut Butter Bar is no longer for sale. Updates and support for customers who already have a license will continue for at least a few more months.


I have finally come to accept that this is not a viable business for me in it’s current form. The model of single licenses in a software environment like WordPress where every new version requires work is not sustainable long term. And to be honest, the plugin has not sold as well as I would have liked.
In addition, EU accounting laws require me to track and file VAT forms every quarter for PBB. This requires a fair amount of work for paying a few bucks. My yearly taxes get more complex with all of the Paypal fees as well. This would be a small annoyance if the plugin were doing well, but it isn’t.

The web moves on

I have seen a drop in sales in 2016. Partly I know this is due to very little marking on my part, but also I believe the Web is moving on. Sticky bars are now moving toward holding menus instead of buttons. Most themes include a sticky bar functionality as well. Other higher profile plugins like HelloBar and SumoMe are hard to complete with as a side hustle of a single developer.

So I have decided to retire PBB in it’s current form.

As of now I will not be updating the plugin. Of course if you have one of the few recurring licenses that started in September, you will NOT be charged again.


I actually have a number of ideas for plugins and other improvements to WordPress, but I need to find a better way to run this as a business.

I will be looking into Code Canyon as a better way to market and sell plugins as well as an easier way to get the accounting done. If it checks out, I might start selling through there. I will need a new licensing concept as well. That will be a task for the spring.


I thank every single one of my customers over the past few years. This has been a great experience, but it has to end. The plugins will continue to work as long as nothing major changes in WordPress, but I cannot spend any more time updating it at the moment.

The domain and email will be active at least for a while. Contact me as normal if you have feedback or questions.

Using Peanut Butter Bar to do A/B tests

As of version 1.4, Crunchy PBB lets you attach multiple bars to a category or to the site as a whole. Then for each page-load, a different bar will be shown. This can let you do A/B tests with your bars or just rotate your content more effectively. This post chows how to set it up.