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Using Peanut Butter Bar to do A/B tests

As of version 1.4, Crunchy PBB lets you attach multiple bars to a category or to the site as a whole. Then for each page-load, a different bar will be shown. This can let you do A/B tests with your bars or just rotate your content more effectively. This post chows how to set it […]

Hooks and Filters

Crunchy (the paid version of PBB) offers the following filters and action hooks. Smooth (the free version of PBB) offers a more limited set that you can see here.

Filters and Hooks in PBB Smooth

Smooth (the free version of PBB) offers the following filter and actions that can allow you to customize the bar to your liking. Check out more filters and actions on the Crunchy Version.

How do I attach a bar to an individual post or page?

One of the greatest feature of Peanut Butter Bar is the ability to tailor bars to specific topics. You can attach them to entire categories, but also override these attachments at the individual post or page level. This post shows you how.

How to use Google Events with Peanut Butter Bar

Google Analytics is one of the widest used analytics packages for monitoring traffic on websites. There are so many features with one of the most interesting being Events. The Peanut Butter Bar integrates with these events and allows you to track clicks on your bars right in with the rest of your traffic in the […]