Bouncing Bar Example

One of the features of Peanut Butter Bar is that the bars can do what we are calling Tricks. These are little things that make the bar a little more eyecatching without being annoying. One of these tricks included at launch time is the Bounce effect.

What does it do?

When set up, the bar will “bounce” after a certain number of seconds you set up. Other triggers for bouncing are coming in later updates to the plugin. It can act as a more gentle reminder of your link than a full popup.

The bar on this page is set up with a bounce. Click here to try it out.

How do I turn it on for a bar?

On the bar edit screen, find the check box labeled “Use bounce” and check it. An extra box for the delay in seconds will appear. Save your bar and the bounce will be applied to the bar.

What can I control?

At the moment, the bounce is on a delay. You can set how many seconds you want to delay between when the page is loaded and when the bar bounces. Just put the number of seconds into the box on the bar edit screen.

Coming in an update after launch will be the ability to set the bar to only bounce once a reader has seen the bottom of your post. This way you know they are interested (they read the entire post after all) and can gently remind them of the link in your bar.