Will the Peanut Butter Bar work with my theme?
There are a million different themes and plugins making each site unique. If you want to see how the Peanut Butter Bar works with your site, try out the Smooth version for free. It uses the same code to display a bar as the Crunchy version.
Can I use Peanut Butter Bar WordPress.com site?
Peanut Butter Bar is a WordPress Plugin. It can be used anywhere you are able to Upload your own plugins. Free WordPress.com sites do not allow this feature, so you would not be able to use Peanut Butter Bar (nor any other plugin).
I bought the Crunchy version and am having problems installing it.
  • Download the Zip file linked to in your purchase email.
  • Go to Plugins->Add New. Click “Upload” at the top.
  • Browse to the Zip file you downloaded. Do not unzip it.

For more detail check out our install help page.

How can I get the Smooth(free) version?
Peanut Butter Bar (smooth) can be found on the WordPress plugin repository here. You can also search for “Peanut Butter Bar” when looking for a new plugin from within your own WordPress blog. Smooth is fully functional, but basic. Check out Crunchy for more features.
How can I attach a bar to a specific post?
(Chunky-only Feature) Bars are attached to categories within the Peanut Butter Bar settings page. To attach a bar to a specific page or post, select it from within the edit screen of that post or page. Look for the box in the right column labeled “Peanut Butter Bar” and select a bar from the dropdown. Check out this post for more.
How do I know which bar will show up for a post?
(Chunky-only Feature) Bars can be attached to your site in several ways. There is a hierarchy to which bar takes precedence on a post. Post/Page attachments always take precedence, then category attachments, followed by parent category attachments and finally the site-wide default bar. Check out this post on how the attachment hierarchy works.
How do I use Google to track Peanut Butter Bar clicks?
Bars track using the Google Analytics as installed on your blog. You need to have Analytics set up already for it to work. Turn on tracking in the bar edit screen and fill in the tracking fields. Bars will now track clicks as Google Analytics Events. These can be seen in your Google Analytics Dashboard under Behavior->Events with the tracking labels you set up on your bar. For more detail on using Google Events, check out this help topic.
What is a bouncing Peanut Butter Bar?
Bars can be set up to bounce after a certain number of seconds. This can be a gentle reminder to users of your bar and its message. Check out this example to see it in action.
Can a Peanut Butter Bar be stuck to the bottom of the site instead of the top?
Why, yes. Yes, it can. Check out this example post to see it in action.
Are there any filters/action hooks to customize Peanut Butter Bars?
Crunchy has a number of filters and hooks. Check out the list here.
Smooth has a few as well. Check them out here.

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